"Attack of the Karens" is an intense shoot 'em up where you play a lone pilot trying to save the city from being destroyed by spoiled, entitled cyborg women

  • Battle the Karens in epic boss fights

  • Destroy hordes of robotic minions as you fight for your city

  • Navigate through traps and obstacles as you hone in on the Karens

  • Collect energy cells to upgrade your ship's weapon and armor

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Press Build: Coming Soon!

Contact: joel@studioprimitive.net

Social: Twitter | YouTube | Discord

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Full Features

  • Classic arcade shoot 'em up action with a modern bullet hell challenge

  • Phased boss encounters

  • Journey from the rural city limits to the urban downtown as you find and stop the Karens

  • Navigate through destroyed buildings, interiors of massive enemy vessels, and deep caverns

  • Score system that rewards chaining kills without taking damage

  • Spend your score to construct new weapons, ship upgrade modules, or toughen the ship's armor - or choose to forego upgrades and top the leaderboards

  • Lt. Amanda Dales joins your journey to aid you with analyzing boss weaknesses and warning you of big incoming threats!

  • Fully voiced dialogue for Amanda and the Karens

  • Rockin' arcade shoot 'em up soundtrack


Joel | @studioprmtv | Programming, Pixel Art, Music

Joel is a dude. A dude who loves making video games.

Abbie Michaels | @ohheyitsabbie_ | Voice Talent

Abbie is a voice actor haling from Northwest Indiana! She's been voice acting for almost 7 years and has learned so much from her peers and the creativity of her clients.When they're not helping you fight Karen bots, you can find her reading manga, building their graphic design skills, and auditioning like mad.

Kelsey Maher | @kelseymaher | Voice Talent

Kelsey Maher is a voice actress based in Dallas, TX who has worked in videogames, animations, commercials, narrations, and more. She's most known for her role in SMITE as Shadow Sparrow Jing Wei, and she's excited to share her talents with Attack of the Karens. If she's learned anything from this game as the voice of the Karens, it's how to assert her entitlement in several ways. You can find her @kelseymaher on Twitter or www.kelseymahervo.com for more funzies!

Kai Ruma | @kairumagames | Marketing Artist

Kai Ruma is but a simple shark with legs. Sometimes he draws pictures and makes video games.